Our Roles

Executive Director (ED)

The Executive Director oversees the operations of Sum of Learning. Besides the day to day administrative duties, our ED, Dr. Ivy Chung is also responsible for supervising all clinical staff including Program Supervisors and ABA Therapy Assistants through direct observation, monthly meeting, or video-based performance audit. She also reviews monthly progress report of each client to ensure standards for programming needs and progress are met. She participates in the initial assessment process, approves treatment and behavior reduction plans, attends quarterly team meeting, conducts home visits, and is available for IEP meetings and other supports as needed. Dr. Chung adopts an open door policy to all Sum of Learning families, and is available to address any concerns or answer any questions families may have regarding their child or clinical team.

Program Supervisor (PS)

Program Supervisors hold a master’s degree in special education, psychology, ABA, or other related field. They are also either Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) or are eligible to sit for the BCBA exam within 3 months upon a case assignment. The PS directly consults with your child’s direct service team, and is responsible for conducting initial assessment and ongoing assessment, developing treatment and behavior reduction plans, preparing individualized programs and program materials, monitoring child’s programs and progress, conducting and leading team meetings and providing direct supervision to therapy assistants. The PS will also conduct parent training and collaborate with other service providers (e.g., school, OT, SLP) as needed. The PS acts as a direct liaison between the Executive Director and your child’s direct service team, and is the main contact for families regarding your child’s treatment plan and clinical needs.

ABA Therapy Assistant (TA)

Recognizing the high demand for ABA services but limited availability of quality direct service staff, Sum of Learning adopts the philosophy of grooming the next generation of ABA practitioners and employs qualified individuals who have a passion for serving the autism community. Our TAs generally hold a bachelor’s degree in education, psychology, or other areas related to child development or education. Although many of the TAs we hire may not have extensive experiences in ABA, families can rest assure that all our TA staff receive intensive ABA training (40+ hours) and high dosage of quality supervision from our BCBAs. They are also required to pass an assessment within 3 months of hire to demonstrate competency in ABA. All of our staff are background checked, and are required to maintain license required by the State.

The ABA Therapy Assistants (TAs) provide direct intervention for your child as often as recommended by the Program Supervisor and authorized by your insurance. The TA is responsible for implementing programs according to the treatment plan, recording data, and documenting session notes. A child may be assigned one or multiple TAs depending on the child’s availability and intensity of the therapy schedule. TAs report directly to the case Program Supervisor, and will receive on-going supervision from the PS.

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